hearing hear‧ing [ˈhɪərɪŋ ǁ ˈhɪr-] noun [countable]
a meeting of a court or special committee to find out the facts about a case:

• A court hearing is unlikely before the end of next year.

confirˈmation ˌhearing
1. in the US, a hearing to approve the choice of someone for an official job:

• At her confirmation hearing, she said she opposed Treasury-backed legislation concerning futures trading.

2. LAW in the US, a hearing to approve an earlier decision of another court of law:

• A confirmation hearing on the reorganization plan is scheduled for July 11.

disciˈplinary ˌhearing HUMAN RESOURCES
a meeting between senior people at a company and a worker who has done something wrong in order to judge the case and decide what his or her punishment will be:

• You may wish to have a solicitor present at your disciplinary hearing.

ˌpublic ˈhearing
a hearing where anyone affected by a particular problem can give their views:

• The Food and Drug Administration plans to schedule a public hearing on whether anti-depressant drugs can encourage suicide.

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hearing UK US /ˈhɪərɪŋ/ noun [C] LAW, MEETINGS
a meeting of a group of people, for example judges or politicians, to hear the facts relating to a legal problem or subject of public interest before they make a decision about it: hold/schedule a hearing »

A hearing before Judge L.A. Harris Jr. is scheduled for Wednesday.

a Congressional/Senate/committee hearing »

Senate hearings on the Commission's recommendations will begin next month.

a full/preliminary hearing »

With a preliminary hearing, a defendant gets a chance to see evidence against him or her.


a court hearing

See also CONFIRMATION HEARING(Cf. ↑confirmation hearing), DISCIPLINARY HEARING(Cf. ↑disciplinary hearing), PUBLIC HEARING(Cf. ↑public hearing)

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